All rings are made to order in: 6-8 weeks

All rings are custom made to order in: 6-8 weeks

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About Us

Modern Heirlooms

Our unique approach intertwines durability with exquisite design.

Bijou Lab jewelry is brought to life by artisans using ethically lab-grown gemstones and 100% recycled gold. Gem cutters, jewelers and goldsmiths create each piece from the cutting of the stone to the finishing polish, enabling us to say with confidence that our jewelry aligns with our values. 

Our mission is to create beautiful, ethical heirlooms at an approachable price point while lifting up the communities afflicted by the devastating effects of diamond mining.

Making a ring that is durable is easy; making a ring that is beautiful is too. Making a ring that is as beautiful as it is durable, is the challenge we rise to meet.

Your confidence in Bijou Lab is not just about a choice in jewelry; it's a pledge to support ethical labor practices and caring for our Earth.

Bijou Lab makes elevated moissanite and lab grown gemstone jewelry designed to withstand the test of time and to be loved and lived in. From thoughtfully designed classics to contemporary bespoke jewelry, discover sustainable heirlooms made with both science and art.

About our Founder

When my now husband and I set out to look for ethical engagement rings, we weren’t able to find a jeweler who could tell us exactly where our diamond was coming from. With limited options, we ended up overpaying for rings from a popular “ethical” jewelry brand which in hindsight were painfully overpriced stock settings that were flimsily made.

That frustrating buying experience really is what pushed me to look for a different way to do jewelry. I wanted to create something custom and durable, that didn’t exploit other human beings or cost as much as a car. This trifecta wasn’t just a unicorn in the fine jewelry world; it merely didn’t exist. 

I spent over 6 years sourcing gemstones from all over the world and learning jewelry design; obsessing over each gemstone and poring over the literature to understand jewelry engineering. I was enamored with moissanite as it felt like a hidden gem that not enough people knew about. From this, Bijou Lab was born.

As a mother of two little boys, I also felt a deep desire to help the children afflicted by diamond practices and make this pursuit bigger than just myself and my family. I wanted to make sure the jewelry I created was a source of good in this world.

Lab grown gemstones are the future of fine jewelry and we’re proud to be able to state our jewelry’s origin in something as bold as our brand’s name. 

–Michelle, designer and founder

“We proudly handcraft ethical and durable custom jewelry; without the middlemen and without the insane markup.”

[bee-zhuu] adj.

French for dainty exquisite piece of delicate workmanship; jewel


/læb/ noun

The 100% ethical, traceable source for all of our gemstones.

Radically Impactful

We’re on a mission to change the lives of those afflicted by diamond mining. With every purchase, our ethical and sustainable jewelry pieces have a 1:1 impact on a child’s life by empowering them through education. 

Bespoke Design Service

Collaborate step-by-step with our designers to create a completely custom moissanite ring.