All rings are made to order in: 6-8 weeks

All rings are custom made to order in: 6-8 weeks

Free Express Shipping to U.S.

Free Express Shipping to U.S. and Canada

Responsible Sourcing

At Bijou Lab, we're committed to sustainable sourcing. Our rings are crafted from recycled gold, reducing the demand for new mining and minimizing environmental impact.

Fairmined Licensed

Made with metals from mines where artisanal and small-scale extraction with the utmost regard to the environment and protection and well-being of the miners

"Gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining"

Millions of gold miners risk their lives and health in perilous working conditions in return for low wages. Aside from the more obvious risks inherent in going deep into the ground to mine, miners have to use cyanide as part of the process of extracting the gold. If it gets into the surrounding environment, it can do untold damage. It can contaminate drinking water, result in the death of aquatic life and damage soil.

Recycled Gold

Recycled gold is created from consumer products like old coins, unwanted or broken jewellery, dental scraps and even old car parts. As a precious metal, gold does not degrade when it is melted down and reformed; this means it can recycled infinitely without losing its integrity or its value. Gold also does not tarnish, corrode or decay, so in this way, it is one of the most sustainable materials in existence. Recycled gold is ethical and sustainable; the process of recycling gold uses far fewer chemicals than mining, and it does so in a controlled fashion that avoids any negative environmental issues.

Our manufacturer has a green in-house refinery and purchases gold only from North America and is audited every year by SCS Global Services, a third party sustainability expert to ensure they are compliant.

• The refinery uses 80% less chemicals than standard refining techniques

• The water treatment facility assures that no waste water is discharged into the environment

• 4 large fume scrubbers are used to clean emissions

• All cooling water for refining and casting is provided by a fully recycled, no-loss water cooling system


Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining

It is a standard that ensures organizational and social development, better work conditions and environmental protection Provides safe work conditions, schools and health centers, energy and community projects

  • No child labor
  • Gender equality
  • Transparency of origin of gold
  • Connects you to the miners
  • Reduces the impact of mining activity through better mining practices
  • Miners are guaranteed a fair price for the minerals
  • They receive an additional premium to invest in mining operations, social development like schools and health centers, and environmental protection

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When you choose Bijou Lab, you're not just buying jewelry; you're making a difference in others' lives and the Earth's preservation. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact, one ring at a time.

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