All rings are made to order in: 6-8 weeks

All rings are custom made to order in: 6-8 weeks

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Free Express Shipping to U.S. and Canada

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

A comprehensive guide covering moissanite, lab diamonds and ring settings

This guide is for you if:

  • You’re not sure how moissanite and lab diamonds compare and want to understand the differences so you can make a good choice
  • You already know you want either a moissanite or lab diamond but want more in depth knowledge about them and how to choose the right type of each. 
  • You want to buy an heirloom quality ring that will last you a lifetime and you want someone to tell you exactly what measurements and features you need to make that happen.

In the guide we cover:

  1. The 4 C's of Moissanite and Lab Diamonds
  2. Ring Anatomy
  3. Durability Checklist
  4. Gemstone Rough
  5. Gemstone Certification
  6. Brilliant Vs. Crushed Ice

Hi! I'm Michelle.

I am a jewelry designer specializing in moissanite and lab diamond engagement rings.

15+ million viewers on social media have tuned into my videos on demystifying engagement rings and gemstones.

Buying an engagement ring is a daunting process and this advice can help you avoid pricy mistakes like getting a flimsy engagement ring you need to repair yearly (I had this problem. Trust me, it’s not a fun or cheap one).

This free guide is filled with insider knowledge; things I’ve learned by talking directly to moissanite and lab diamond growing laboratories, and working with hundreds of gemstones in person.

Stuff you won’t find on Google.

Hope you find it useful!